Bettair® to EVOLVE

We are thrilled to reveal that Bettair® was selected as one of the 8 lucky teams chosen to continue their path to the final EVOLVE phase of the European Data Incubator (EDI), the Innovation Action project co-funded by the European Union. This selection was done by a jury after a pitch contest of two days including technical and business stuff

The objective of EDI is to facilitate the uptake of Big Data tools whilst increasing the technical and business skills of the selected start-ups/SMEs. The final aim is to give place to sustainable business incubation around Big Data.

The solution that we proposed is about integrating air pollution forecasting service to the Bettair® platform, by applying regression algorithms to the pollution data provided by the European Environmental Agency (EEA) and weather (forecast) data by UBIMET, one of the largest and fastest-growing independent providers of meteorological services. We have built up a real-time,highly accurate, pollution forecast service that allows to foresee pollution episodes. It is important to point out that air pollution exposure increases are associated with a short-term increase of hospitalizations due to respiratory tract diseases and with daily mortality, for this reason is vital to predict pollution episodes in order to apply mitigation actions beforehand and minimise these episodes.

Our solution was initially selected from a pool of +490 applicants to the first phase in Berlin (EXPLORE) where we presented our challenge together with 40start-ups in October 2019. We achieved to attend the next phase in Bilbao (EXPERIMENT) together with 18 great projects, and on February 19, after a two days event of hard work, great pitches and a lot of emotional moments, we made it through the final stage of EDI Incubator (EVOLVE).

From the very beginning we realised that we were competing with the brightest minds solving complex big data challenges, so we are particularly proud of this achievement. We would like to express our gratitude to the organisers and to all the participants, we look forward to joining the final EVOLVE phase in Berlin on April 29th.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 779790.