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Bettair will be presented as part of SCEWC 2017 Call for Solutions

The Call for Solutions looks for cutting-edge smart city solutions to showcase at Smart City Expo World Congress Call.

Thanks to our innovative and disruptive technology, Bettair, Ateknea Solutions was selected to be part of the Call for Solutions stand at this year’s SCEWC here in Barcelona.

Bettair is a novel smart city technology that provides a highly efficient and large-scale pollution mapping tool that is low-cost, scalable, flexible and adaptable to any city. It provides them with the insights and information they need to better understand and mitigate pollution.

This disruptive technology is based on accurate low-cost gas sensors that use advanced data post-processing techniques, to provide pollution measuring with an accuracy that is very close to that of traditional and more expensive equipment but for a fraction of the price. In fact, Bettair’s Pearson Correlation is higher than 0.8 compared to traditional AQM equipment. The high accuracy of our solution compared to traditional solutions allows cities to deploy them on a mass scale, creating a dense sensor grid that is able to monitor the entire city at a reasonable price. Bettair also offers cities custom visualization tools to visualize the information gathered from the sensors in a user-friendly and intelligent way. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is calculated using the pollution data collected and presented with the latest GIS visualization tools, all of which is adaptable to the requirements of each city. The information gathered allows cities to create appropriate urban plans for improving air quality and helps them to make better, smarter decisions to mitigate air pollution going forward. The technology has been tested in 11 different countries including Spain, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Austria, Serbia, Israel, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and the US.

Come see Bettair in action at the Smart City Expo World Congress, Nov. 14th, 15th and 16th at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via. You can find us in The Village along with Call for Solutions as well at Pavilion 2 stand D-401 and stand B-231.